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Sometimes, conflict can arise, whether it is in a professional or personal capacity.

There are many ways to resolve conflicts – surrendering, running away, overpowering your opponent with violence, filing a lawsuit, etc.

Conflict resolution, grew out of the belief that there are better options than using violence or going to court. Today, conflict resolution is used in a wide range of industries covering an array of different situations.

Our ‘Conflict Resolution’ training online has been designed to help you understand how to manage and resolve conflict in situations that may arise within the workplace, in a way that is productive. If you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of what causes conflict, the stages and the behaviour that surround conflict and techniques that will help you move forward from those situations in the most positive way, this course is for you!

During this Conflict Resolution training online, employees will learn about:

  1. What can drive conflict and possible reasons that these situations can escalate.
  2. How to use practical techniques to manage and resolve conflict.
  3. How to recognize conflict.

Average completion time for this online course is 40 minutes.

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Key Facts

  • 100% Online Course – Complete your course quickly and easily online, no need to visit a classroom.
  • Same Day Certificate – Upon completion your certificate will be sent to you.
  • Learn at your own pace – We keep a record of how far you’ve progressed with your course, so you can complete it whenever you prefer.

Who is this Course for?

This Conflict Resolution training online is suitable for any employee working in a managerial or supervisory role in an Australian organisation.

Course Enrolment

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The cost for this Conflict Resolution training online is $49.

If organising a group booking contact us for further information.