Asbestos Awareness Training Online

Course Details

This course will teach you about what asbestos is, how to identify if it is being used, why it is dangerous and what laws apply to the use of asbestos. You will also learn the fundamentals of the best practices associated with the safe removal of asbestos.

This course is delivered in line with the model Code of Practice, developed by Safe Work Australia. The Code of Practice provides practical guidance regarding the management of risks associated with the use of asbestos and asbestos containing material (ACM) in the workplace. It aims to minimize the occurrence of diseases related to asbestos.

During this Asbestos Awareness training online, employees will learn about:

  1. What asbestos is.
  2. What dangers are associated with asbestos.
  3. How to spot the use of asbestos in the workplace.
  4. Best practices for the removal of asbestos.

Average completion time for this online course is 50 minutes.

If organising a group booking or onsite training contact us for further information.

**Please note that this is not a nationally accredited course**

Key Facts

  • 100% Online Course – Complete your course quickly and easily online, no need to visit a classroom.
  • Same Day Certificate – Upon completion your certificate will be sent to you.
  • Learn at your own pace – We keep a record of how far you’ve progressed with your course, so you can complete it whenever you prefer.

Who is this Course for?

This Asbestos Awareness training online is for anyone who is responsible for managing the use of asbestos in their workplace, including the protection of workers from being exposed to asbestos and the enforcement of safe removal practices.

Course Enrolment

The cost for this Asbestos Awareness training online is $49.
If organising a group booking contact us for further information.

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