RSA and RCG competncy card re fresher


​Online refresher training for holders of expiring RSA and RCG photo competency cards​​​

Liquor & Gaming NSW will soon introduce compulsory online refresher training for holders of expiring responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) photo competency cards.

RSA training is mandatory for everyone in NSW who sells, serves and supplies alcohol and RCG training is mandatory for people who work in hotels or registered clubs and have gaming machine duties.

Five year photo competency cards have been issued since August 2011 to persons who completed RSA and RCG training to work in the liquor and gaming industries.

Prior to that RSA/RCG holders were issued with paper certificates, which have been progressively phased out and holders required to undertake new training to upgrade to a photo competency card. The last paper certificates will expire on 30 June 2016.

The first five year photo competency cards will start expiring from 22 August 2016. Holders of expiring photo competency cards who wish to continue to work in the industry will be required to pay a $35 prescribed fee to undertake online refresher training prior to their expiry date, and will then be issued with a new five year competency card. Refresher training was a recommendation of the 2013 independent review of the Liquor Act to keep skills up to date.

Liquor & Gaming NSW is currently finalising online RSA and RCG refresher training courses which will soon be made available for holders of expiring photo competency cards. Online refresher training will be the only way that a person’s expiring competency card can be renewed. Completing a full course through an approved training provider prior to the expiry of a person’s card will not extend the expiry date on their current card.

Holders of expiring photo competency cards will be sent reminder notices via SMS and email to undertake online refresher training prior to their card expiry date. The reminders will include a weblink to access the online training portal.

If card holders have changed their contact details since receiving their card they should update them via this weblink on the L&GNSW website.​
Licensees are urged to remind staff to ensure their contact details are up to date and they complete online refresher training prior to the expiry of their photo competency cards.

NSW RSA Training


The NSW RSA course is a theory-based course covering the laws and legislation of alcohol in NSW and how to sell and/or serve alcohol responsibly.

NSW Bar Work


Interested in working in a bar but don’t know where to begin? Have your RSA but still can’t get work? ATS is here to help.

Have You Updated Your RSA & RCG?


Renew your paper-based NSW RSA and RCG before the 30th June 2015!



Limited courses and availability until Christmas and the New Year

ATS - Christmas trading hours


From the team at Australian Training Solutions, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Unique Student Identifier. What is it?


From 01 January 2015, every student enrolled in a nationally recognised training course will ned to create a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

NSW RSA Training


Sydney CBD - Campbelltown - Miranda

Summer Holiday BAR work


Get trained with Australian Training Solutions!



As our Australian summer is fast approaching, the need for RSA & RCG courses within the hospitality industry becomes more and more popular. To help our students, Australian Training Solutions now offer a NSW RSA & RCG course all in ONE DAY!

Restaurant, Cafe & Bar work


Are you entering the hospitality industry?

Do you want to work in a Restaurant, Cafe or Bar in NSW?

RSA & RCG Additional Competency Endorsement Form


The Office Of Liquor, Gaming & Racing have a new form CC0570 - Additional Competency Endorsement for existing Competency Card.

Time to renew?


Renew your paper-based NSW RSA and RCG before the 30th June 2014 deadline!

NSW RSA & Interstate


Need the RSA for work in more than one state in Australia?

Legislation regarding RSA varies from state to state.

How does this affect you?

NSW RSA Training



Sydney - Campbelltown - Miranda

The NSW RSA course is mandatory for everyone in NSW involved in the sale and supply of liquor to the public. If you are looking for work in hospitality, such as a bar, hotel, pub, club or restaurant, you will need to complete this NSW RSA course.

Australian Training Solutions - all courses 2014


Australian Training Solutions provides a wide range of courses, from hospitality to Construction Induction, with over 10 courses in locations across Sydney and online, we will have you job ready for many industries!

Online RSA NSW


Need to complete or update your NSW RSA? The NSW RSA is now available Online.

RSA Sydney & Online


You can now complete your NSW RSA in Classroom & Online!

NSW Online RSA - Choosing the right training provider!


RSA NSW & RSA Online: Choosing your provider & avoiding hidden costs & misleading statements

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