Construction Induction training (White Card)


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To work on any construction site within NSW, you must complete the White Card Construction Induction course.

NSW Food Safety Supervisor course


NSW FSS Course - get trained today!

“Food laws in NSW require certain food businesses in the hospitality and retail food service sector to appoint at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). These requirements help safeguard NSW consumers from food borne illness.”

NSW RSA Training



Sydney - Campbelltown - Miranda

The NSW RSA course is mandatory for everyone in NSW involved in the sale and supply of liquor to the public. If you are looking for work in hospitality, such as a bar, hotel, pub, club or restaurant, you will need to complete this NSW RSA course.

NSW RCG Training


Responsible Conduct Of Gaming

When entering into the world of hospitality, most new comers are aware of the requirement to complete the NSW RSA course in order to attain the NSW RSA licence for working purposes. Little do they know, there is also another licence required for work in hospitality – the NSW RCG.

First Aid Training


Not every incident requiring first aid is a life-and-death situation. First Aid knowledge is commonly used to manage minor injuries at home or work, so get qualified, get confident and stay safe!

Bar skills training


Want to work in a bar but don't have the experience? Completing a Bar Skills course will get your trained, ready to apply for that job!

White Card Construction Induction


In order to work on a construction site in Australia, you must complete a White Card training course. This course covers Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury & illness in the construction industry.

NSW RSA and RCG 2014 renewal deadline


Renew your paper-based NSW RSA and RCG before the 30th June 2014 deadline!

Australian Training Solutions - all courses 2014


Australian Training Solutions provides a wide range of courses, from hospitality to Construction Induction, with over 10 courses in locations across Sydney and online, we will have you job ready for many industries!

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