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Construction Induction Training

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The construction induction card provides proof of completion of general construction induction training.

General construction induction training provides an awareness and understanding of:

  • the rights and responsibilities under WHS law
  • common hazards and risks in the construction industry
  • basic risk management principles
  • the standard of behaviour expected of workers on construction sites.


It is required for workers who carry out ‘construction work’, Examples are as follows:

  • people carrying out construction work, including site managers, supervisors, surveyors, labourers and trades persons
  • people who access operational construction zones unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person, and
  • workers whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones.

WHS construction induction training is delivered through Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and approved by WorkCover.


RTO – Australian Training Solutions

To attend training you will need to contact an RTO and provide evidence of your identity to the value of 100 points. Commonly used evidence of identity documents include:

  • an Australian birth certificate and an Australia drivers licence, or
  • an Australian drivers licence, Medicare card, ATM card and a utilities bill.

At Australian Training Solutions, we provide training on Saturday’s fortnightly. This is held in Campbelltown.


Campbelltown Arts Centre

1 Art Gallery Road, Campbelltown, NSW 2560


Please see below timetable:




Saturday 25 October 2014 9:30 am – 4:00 pm $95.00  – BOOK NOW
Saturday 8 November 2014 9:30 am – 4:00 pm $95.00 – BOOK NOW
Saturday 22 November 2014 9:30 am – 4:00 pm $95.00 – BOOK NOW


On completion of the White Card Construction Induction course students will receive a statement of training that will be issued as evidence for 60 days, until you receive your card from WorkCover.

This ideally allows for you to work immediately after your training.

The RTO will have the approved application forms for a Construction Induction card and will submit them to WorkCover when you have satisfactorily completed your training.

You can expect your Construction Induction card (white card) within 14 days – 6 weeks after your training.

Australian Training Solutions

White Card – Construction Induction

Should you require any further information or wish to book into our White Card construction Induction course, please visit our website www.australiantrainingsolutions.com.au. Alternatively, you can give our friendly staff a call on (02) 9286 3566.

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