White Card Construction Induction

Who needs it and why?


In order to work on a construction site in Australia, you must complete a White Card training course. This course covers Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury & illness in the construction industry.

Who needs to complete the White Card Construction Induction course?
The National Health and Safety Law oblige people who are working at construction sites in Australia to obtain a white card by means of undergoing and completing a white card training course from a reputable registered training organization (Australian Training Solutions).  Most commonly, the groups of people who are required to have a White card, within the industry, are as follows:

  • Employee
  • Trainee
  • Trades person
  • Volunteer
  • Outworker
  • Apprentice
  • Work experience student
  • Contractor or sub contractor
  • All visitors of a construction site

What is involved in the White Card Construction Induction course?
Throughout the White Card Construction Induction course, you will be:

  • Identifying WHS Legislative Requirements
  • Identifying Construction Hazards and control measures
  • Identifying communication and reporting processes
  • Identifying WHS Incident response procedures

Specifically, you will also be learning how to promote health, safety and welfare, how to protect people against risk at work and protect people against risks from equipment used in public places.

How do you complete the WHS course?
To complete the White Card construction Induction course, you will need to complete a training day within a classroom environment. The training course runs for 6.5 hours. At Australian Training Solutions you can complete your WHS training course at the following location:

What do I receive when the course is completed?
Each successful participant of the White Card (WHS general induction for construction work) course will be issued a White Card SOT (Statement of training). The SOT allows for work to be conducted from the immediate end of training until you receive your White Card (the NSW Construction Induction Card) from WorkCover via post, formerly known as a ‘Green Card’.

How do I book in?
To book in to the White Card Construction Induction course is simple! Visit the Australian Training Solutions (approved training provider) website www.australiantrainingsolutions.com.au, select the date, time and location of the WHS course you would like to attend and finalise the booking details.

If you are unsure of which specific course session suits you or would prefer to book in over the phone, call (02) 9286 3566 and the staff at Australian Training Solutions will be more than happy to help! You also have the option of visiting the Sydney CBD office and booking in in person – 602/143 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (across from the Queen Victoria Building, next to Town Hall Station).

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