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When entering into the world of hospitality, most new comers are aware of the requirement to complete the NSW RSA course in order to attain the NSW RSA licence for working purposes. Little do they know, there is also another licence required for work in hospitality – the NSW RCG.


Who needs it and why?


There are numerous job roles which require the RSA, the RCG or both.


RSA training applies to:

  • Licences;
  • Approved managers;
  • Staff (including those involved in the supply, sale & service of alcohol)
  • Volunteers who have liquor service responsibilities and
  • Security guards


RCG training applies to:

  • Hoteliers
  • Secretary managers
  • Gaming-related staff


Persons who are working in venues, which provide both alcohol and gambling services, are required to have both licences.

As stated by the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR), “It is a requirement of the Gaming Machines Act 2001 for proposed hoteliers, secretary managers and staff who will have gaming machine related functions to have completed the NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling course (RCG).”
Source: OLGR http://www.olgr.nsw.gov.au/courses_rcg.asp

This means, all hospitality workers who are employed at a venue, which also provides gambling services such as gaming (pokie) machines, TAB and KENO, must also complete the NSW RCG course and attain the NSW RCG licence. Both the NSW RSA and NSW RCG licences are required in these workplaces.

Why do you need to complete the NSW RCG?

You must be fully equipped to provide responsible gambling services to your customers and be aware of the do’s and don’ts of your role with problem gamblers. This is very similar to the purpose of the NSW RSA – you must be able to demonstrate knowledge of how to responsibly service alcohol to your customers and have the ability to deal with intoxicated persons.

What is involved in the NSW RCG course?

The NSW RCG course is a theory based course covering 7 modules related to gambling in NSW. These modules are:

  1. Government, gambling and legislation
  2. Statutory signage requirements
  3. Gambling inducements, player prizes, reward schemes, cash and cheque dispensing
  4. Minors
  5. Responsible and problem gambling
  6. Responding to potential problem gamblers
  7. Self exclusion and counselling

How do you complete the NSW RCG?

The NSW RCG is only available in the classroom format, not online. You are required to enrol into and complete a 6-hour classroom course with an approved training provider. There are locations available throughout Sydney including Sydney CBD, Campbelltown and Miranda. The NSW RCG course is conducted on a regular basis throughout the week and is available during daytime and evenings to suit all individuals.

What do I receive on completion of the course?

After completing the NSW RCG course, you will receive two (2) certificates. The first is the Statement of Attainment issued by the Registered Training Organisation (training provider) and can be used for recognition of prior learning if further tertiary study is undertaken in hospitality. The second is the NSW RCG Interim Certificate. This certificate serves as a temporary licence (valid for 90 days) so students can work immediately. The NSW RCG Interim Certificate is also the application for the NSW RCG Photo Competency Card (official licence – valid for 6 years). The NSW RCG Interim Certificate must be taken to a participating Australia Post outlet with 100 points of identification to have the NSW RCG Photo Competency Card processed. Please ensure this is done well before the 90 day expiry, as the NSW RCG Photo Competency Card can take 3-5 weeks to be posted to you.

How do I book in?

To book in to the NSW RCG course is simple! Visit the Australian Training Solutions (approved training provider) website www.australiantrainingsolutions.com.au, select the date, time and location of the NSW RCG course you would like to attend and finalise the booking details. If you are unsure of which specific course session suits you or would prefer to book in over the phone, call (02) 9286 3566 and the staff at Australian Training Solutions will be more than happy to help! You also have the option of visiting the Sydney CBD office and booking in in person – 602/143 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (across from the Queen Victoria Building, next to Town Hall Station).

Still need to complete the NSW RSA course?

Not a problem! When booking in to the NSW RCG, make sure you select a date, time and location for the NSW RSA course too. This way, you will receive a discount by booking in more than one (1) training course in the one (1) transaction. The more courses booked, the more savings you get!




For any further questions or if you would like more information about the NSW RSA & RCG. Please give our friendly team a call on (02) 9286 3566 or email us at admin@oztrains.com.

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