Since 1 July 2012 the NSW RSA Online has been available nationally to approved providers or Registered Training Organisations (RTO). As the NSW Online RSA Course is the property of the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing (OLGR) regardless of which RTO you choose, you will be completing the same course.

Beware the providers who state you can complete your NSW RSA Online Course in 15 minutes, as everyone will be doing the same course.

Every RTO must pay OLGR $70 for the issuance of your Photo Competency Card

Beware the providers who advertise the cost of the NSW Online RSA for a small nominal fee, unless they clearly state the $70 is an additional charge for the Photo Competency Card issuance. 

In order to be approved to deliver the NSW RSA Online Course each RTO is required to have in place systems to ensure the identity of the participant, the security of their personal details & provide assessments at the course conclusion meeting the specific standards stipulated by ASQA & OLGR.

Beware the providers stating you will instantly receive your certificate at the successful conclusion of the course. As a provider, we cannot lodge the application for your Photo Competency Card until you have been appropriately identified & have been assessed as successfully completing the course.

Everyone receives an emailed RSA Interim Certificate from OLGR not the RTO, so the onus is on the RTO to lodge your details with OLGR & remit the $70 payment in a timely fashion.

Unless the RTO is open 24/7, you will not receive your Interim RSA certificate at the successful conclusion of your course at any time day/night/weekend, as the RTO has to manually process your application with OLGR. It is not possible for this to occur electronically without someone entering the data.

Important to remember your RSA interim certificate lasts for only 90 days – you MUST attend an Australia Post Office outlet (check second page of your RSA interim certificate for the website link listing participating outlets) and make an appointment to have your RSA Photo Competency Card processed. Your RSA Photo Competency Card will be sent to you via post. This process needs to occur prior to the expiry date on your RSA interim certificate (90 days). It is recommended you complete this process as soon as possible as the RSA Photo Competency Card can take up to 3 weeks to receive, sometimes longer.

Choose a provider who is transparent and with a good reputation. All providers are audited by OLGR.  So, in choosing a reputable provider you are insuring the legitimacy of your Photo Competency Card & your investment.

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