Appointing an FSS gives food businesses a better level of onsite protection for food safety, and gives consumers peace-of-mind when dining out or buying food in NSW.

What is the NSW Food Safety Supervisor course?
The NSW Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) course is made up of two units of competency: Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA101 and Participate in safe food handling practices. This course is designed for supervisors and managers of food businesses in NSW.

Why do you need to complete the Food Safety Supervisor course?
The Food Act 2003 (NSW) requires certain food businesses in the NSW hospitality and retail food service sector to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). The NSW Food Authority introduced this course to help reduce food borne illness in the hospitality and retail food service sectors in NSW and to improve food handler skills and knowledge.

Statistics show that incorrect food handling practices in retail food businesses account for more than one-third of food-borne illness outbreaks in NSW, costing the community hundreds of millions of dollars each year in healthcare and lost revenue.

Who needs to complete this course?
The Food Safety Supervisor requirement applies to businesses serving food that is:

  • ready-to-eat,
  • potentially hazardous
  • not sold and served in its package.

Examples of businesses include the following:

  • restaurants
  • cafés
  • takeaway shops
  • caterers
  • bakeries
  • pubs
  • clubs
  • hotels
  • supermarket hot food sales

If you are not a supervisor or manager but work in a food business, the Australian Training Solutions Food Hygiene course will be more suited to your role. The Food Hygiene course is the first unit of the NSW FSS course: Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA101.

What does the course involve?
The NSW Food Safety Supervisor course is an 8 hour course held in the Sydney CBD location. It is a theory-based course with a practical component held in a commercial kitchen. Throughout the course you will be covering the following topics:

  1. Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards
  2. Report any personal health issues
  3. Prevent food contamination
  4. Prevent cross contamination by washing hands
  5. Follow food safety program
  6. Store food safely
  7. Prepare food safely
  8. Provide safe single use items
  9. Maintain a clean environment
  10. Dispose of food safely

Can I complete the NSW Food Safety Supervisor course online?
Yes, you can complete the FSS course online at Australian Training solutions. The NSW FSS Online course involves working through the course material online, in preparation for the assessment tasks. To be eligible for the NSW FSS Online course, you must be working in the industry and have access to a commercial kitchen. There are workplace assessment tasks, which must be completed in a commercial kitchen. If you do not meet these requirements, you will need to complete the NSW FSS Classroom course.

Upon the successful completion of this NSW FSS course, participants receive a Statement of Attainment from ATS. Students will also receive the NSW Food Safety Supervisor certificate issued by the NSW Food Authority to comply with new regulations. This certificate must be registered by the individual with the NSW Food Authority and local council when issued.

For more information or to book your NSW Food Safety Supervisor course today, please contact our friendly team at the Australian Training Solutions office on (02) 9286 3566 or visit our website

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