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Many people consider having an RSA the only prerequisite for getting work in a bar. However, this is not the case. Many jobseekers out there are finding the hunt for bar work an overwhelming experience. Hundreds, even thousands, of resumes are handed out each week in Sydney but only a few special candidates get that call back everyone’s hoping for. It’s one of those catch-22’s where the employer is asking for experience, yet you’ve never worked in a bar and are trying to for the first time… Hence, you don’t have any experience! This is where Bar Skills training comes in handy.


Where to start:


The Bar Skills course is a 1-day, 6.5 hour training session conducted in a real hotel bar! Classes run with a maximum of 15 participants to ensure you get the hands-on experience you’re after with as much assistance from the trainer you need. The session will teach you the skills and knowledge of bar work, covering the following aspects in detail:

  • Beer pouring techniques
  • Make a variety of drinks with spirits
  • Product knowledge
  • Workplace hygiene
  • Bar opening & closing procedures
  • Customer service

As well as the above, the trainer will discuss with the group the tips & tricks to get a step ahead of the other jobseekers out there. All of this, whilst having an absolute blast!


Additionally, you should think about the following when applying for work:

  1. What type of job do I want? Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Gaming Attendant.
  2. What type of venue do I want to work at? Bar, Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Café, Local Club/RSL.
  3. Where do I want to work? Locally, in the City, by the beach.
  4. What availability do I have? Full time, time around sport/hobbies, only weekends.
  5. Is my application ready? Cover letter, resume and updated references.
  6. Am I allowed to work? Aged 18+, obtained required licences such as RSA & RCG.
  7. When can I start? Now, when other job wraps up for the year, first thing next year.



Observe your potential workplace:

It is crucial you observe your surroundings whilst out at bars, clubs, pubs and hotels, whatever your ideal workplace is, to ensure you are suited to the environment. It is also important to see if you’d be suited for the role of a bartender and able to work in a fast-paced environment with lots of people and long hours.


Prepare for the job requirements (training):

Before you apply for a job, you need to make sure you are prepared. This includes having completed the required training for bar work. In NSW, you are required to have a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate to legally sell, serve and supply alcohol in the workplace. If the venue also provides gambling services such as gaming machines, TAB and KENO, you are required to also have a Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) certificate. Practical training (Bar Skills) for bar work is also highly recommended for those who have no experience at all. The training mentioned is available at Australian Training Solutions.


Network with potential employers/staff:

Whether it be at your local bar or favourite cafe, it’s always ideal to build a good relationship with the people who work there. By networking with others, you may find out about job vacancies through word of mouth and get a great reference to kick start your success!


Apply for the job:

When taking the plunge and actually applying for a job, it’s essential you have a well-prepared resume and cover letter. These two very important documents are serving as the first impression of you and you want to make it a good one! Continuously update your resume and ensure you have listed the information appropriate to the job you are applying for. Also, make the cover letter personal to the workplace and address it to the manager or the person specified (if you’ve found the job advertised online or in a newspaper).


Present well on paper & in person:

Having a great resume and cover letter is only the first half of applying. Remember, if you’re applying in person; look presentable (dress well, be neat & clean and make sure you’ve had enough sleep!) It is also highly recommended you ask to speak with the manager on duty and meet with him/her personally. Handing in your application with one of the bartenders on duty is not a smart move, as it may well just end up in the bin! When speaking with the manager, be confident, express your interest for the job and most importantly, be yourself.









If you’ve already decided where you’d like to work, it’s time you book in your training. Whilst undertaking you Bar Skills Training, you will have the opportunity to mingle with others who are already working in the industry and of course, get valuable tips & advice from the experienced trainers.

The Bar Skills course is available monthly in Campbelltown.

To book in, simply visit the Australian Training Solutions website or contact the office on 1300 541 733.

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