Expiry of photo competency cards


Important!! Double-check the expiry of your RSA and RCG Photo Competency Cards.


Photo competency cards expire 5 years after the completion of the first course which was completed. If other courses are completed at a later date, the competency class can be added to the card and the card can be reissued, but the expiry date will remain the same.


Example: You complete an RSA course on 1 August 2013, and obtain a photo competency card. The expiry date will be 1 August 2018. Later you want to work in a Hotel and your duties will involve gaming machines (pokies), so you complete an RCG course on 30 June 2014. You will need to complete an Additional Competency Endorsement Form (form CC0570) to get a new photo competency card mailed to you. The new card will show that you have both RSA and RCG competency, however the expiry date will still be 1 August 2018 (5 years after the date you completed the RSA course).



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