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Course Location Date PRE-PAID


RSA Sydney CBD Tue, Wed & Fri weekly 9am 110
RSA Miranda Tue night fortnightly 5pm 130
RSA Campbelltown Wed fortnightly 5pm 130
RSA ONLINE Self-paced 95
RCG Sydney CBD Thu weekly 9am 75
RCG Miranda Wed fortnightly 5pm 95
RCG Campbelltown Thu fortnightly 5pm 95
Bar Skills Sydney CBD Sat once per month 9am 130
Bar Skills Campbelltown Sun once per month 9am 130
Barista Pitt St, Sydney Daily 10am – 4:00pm 99
First Aid Miranda Sat fortnightly 9:30am 125
First Aid Campbelltown Sat fortnightly 9:30am 125
CPR Miranda Sat fortnightly 9:30am 55
CPR Campbelltown Sat fortnightly 9:30am 55
White Card Campbelltown Sat fortnightly 9:30am 95
FSS Sydney CBD Fri once per month 9am 190
FSS ONLINE Self-paced 150
Food Hygiene ONLINE Self-paced 29


All courses must be pre paid prior to the training date.


Payment Options:

  • Credit/Debit card over the phone or online (merchant fee included)
  • Cash or eftpos at office (no merchant fee included)
  • Bank deposit (no merchant fee included)


RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol (Sydney CBD, Campbelltown, Miranda)

The NSW RSA course is a theory-based course covering the laws and legislation of alcohol in NSW and how to sell and/or serve alcohol responsibly. The NSW RSA course is mandatory for everyone in NSW involved in the sale and supply of liquor to the public. This includes licensees, club secretaries, serving staff and security staff working at licensed venues. If you are looking for work in hospitality, such as a bar, hotel, pub, club or restaurant, you will need to complete this NSW RSA course.


RCG – Responsible Conduct of Gaming (Sydney CBD, Campbelltown, Miranda)

The NSW RCG course is a theory-based course covering the laws and legislation of gambling in NSW and how to provide gambling services responsibly. The NSW RCG course is mandatory for all secretaries of registered clubs with gaming machines, all hoteliers with gaming machines, and employees of registered clubs and hotels. If you are looking for work in hospitality, such as a bar, hotel, pub, club or restaurant, where the venue provides gambling services (pokies, TAB, KENO) you will need to complete this NSW RCG course.


BAR SKILLS – Practical Bar Skills course (Sydney CBD and Campbelltown)

Want to work in a bar but don’t have the experience? Completing a Bar Skills course will get your trained, ready to apply for that job! Bar Skills is a practical based course. Participants will be introduced to:

  • Beer pouring, tray carrying, bar layout & equipment, product knowledge
  • Bar cleaning, customer service & types of bars
  • Pouring spirits, mixed drinks & post mix
  • Bar opening & closing procedures
  • Cellar principles & walk through
  • Legislation relating to licensed premises e.g., RSA, RCG & WH&S
  • Workplace expectations & qualifications
  • Customer service skills & interview skills.


Barista & Latte Art (The Australian Coffee School, Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000)

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect cup of coffee? Find out how with this highly practical and informative Barista Skills & Latte Art course. We will show you how to make the perfect cup and also create a unique work of art with our coffee art component of the course. This is a non-accredited course.


Provide First Aid course (Campbelltown and Miranda)

Being trained in first aid is essential for all people in all professions. Whether you are required to attain the certification for employment purposes or simply want to feel confident in administering first aid practices if/when the time comes, this is the course you need to complete. Provide First Aid, previously known as “Senior First Aid” and “Apply First Aid”, will train you in first aid response, life support, CPR, management of casualty(s) and being confident in assisting casualty(s) until medical assistance arrives. This course is completed by Police, Fire and Ambulance, airline employees, childcare workers, swimming instructors, teachers… the list goes on!


CPR – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Campbelltown and Miranda)

Whether you are updating your knowledge & skills of CPR or completing the training for the first time, this accredited CPR course is for you! This course is designed to teach knowledge & skills in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and has particular relevance to industry professionals who are required to renew the CPR component of their Provide First Aid accreditation every 12 months. Being able to perform CPR if/when the situation arises is one thing, but having the confidence to do so is another. This course will help you achieve this confidence and annual updates are highly recommended for all persons.


White Card – Construction Induction course (Campbelltown)

In order to work on a construction site in Australia, you must complete a White Card training course. This course covers Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, basic principles of risk management and prevention of injury & illness in the construction industry. Each successful participant of the White Card (WHS general induction for construction work) course will be issued a White Card (the NSW Construction Induction Card) from WorkCover, formerly known as a ‘Green Card’.


FSS Course – Food Safety Supervisor course (ONLINE and Sydney CBD)

The NSW Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) course is made up of two units of competency: Use hygienic practices for food safety SITXFSA101 and Participate in safe food handling practices. This course is designed for supervisors and managers of food businesses in NSW. The Food Act 2003 (NSW) requires certain food businesses in the NSW hospitality and retail food service sector to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). The NSW Food Authority introduced this course to help reduce food borne illness in the hospitality and retail food service sectors in NSW and to improve food handler skills and knowledge.


Food Hygiene Course – (ONLINE)

This ‘Food Hygiene’ Online course is also commonly known as ‘Food Handling’, ‘Safe Food Handling’ and ‘Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures’ (previous unit name). This is not the NSW Food Safety Supervisor course. The NSW Food Safety Supervisor course is made up of two units: Use hygiene practices for food safety AND Participate in safe food handling practices. This ‘Food Hygiene’ Online course covers the first unit only and is designed for individuals working within the hospitality and food services industry as a food & beverage assistant, waiter/waitress, kitchen hand etc.


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